If you are ready to move from surviving to thriving, you have come to the right place! At Faithful Family Life we meet you where you are, and support your journey toward modeling and teaching the disciplines, skills, concepts, and strategies of health and wellbeing. Welcome! Take a look around. I hope you decide to join the faithful family life movement. Our families, churches, communities, and future generations will thank you.

Rev. Lynne Smith

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Healthy Self

Put your own oxygen mask on first. Learn and practice the skills of being in the present moment, open to unfolding possibilities as a pathway to creativity. With the ability to be aware of choice in a stressful moment, you have power to make decisions that lead to healthy relationships.

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Healthy Relationships

We are born into a relational matrix, and we are continually shaped by the relational connections in our lives. It is well worth the effort to ensure these connections are helping us to fully live into our gifts, talents, and calling. Reduce negative interactions and nurture empathy, vulnerability, and compassion as a pathway to experiencing more positive interactions. 

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Healthy Community

Learning and growing can be more fun when we share the journey with others facing similar challenges. Sometimes we can feel alone or think we are the only ones struggling, but rarely is that the case. Faithful Family Life offers small group studies to inform and guide your conversations as you build skills and grow more deeply connected.

Better Together!

Age Specific Resources

We experience developmental challenges through the entirety of our life. At each stage, our developmental tasks change as we integrate prior knowledge with new capacity for understanding. Sometimes these developmental moments can be overwhelming, and a community of support can offer helpful guidance to ensure you have the skills needed to thrive in the midst of change.

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Looking for a Speaker or Workshop Leader?


Looking to enhance your programming? Schedule a short term workshop for focused relationship skill building.

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Need a little help getting started? Then a Coach may be just what you need to support your journey from surviving to thriving.

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Need a speaker for a luncheon or other meeting? Schedule a speaker and share healthy relationship skills in your context.

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Join the Faithful Family Life Movement

According to the research of Dr. John Gottman, couples wait 6 years into a problem before they seek help. Don't wait to figure out what works for deeper connection and greater intimacy in your marriage. Start today and join us on the journey toward healthier relationships.

Do you expect the best from your spouse? Your children? Your parents? Or are you braced for the next harsh word? Join us and learn how to shift from a negative view to a positive one. Stop yelling and start connecting. Small changes can make a world of difference.