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Circle of Security© Parenting™

This 8-week (90 minutes/week) workshop journeys with participants as together we discover the keys to connecting with our children that are hidden in plain sight. This highly interactive and affirming approach to parenting provides both the tools and the support for you to parent with confidence, joy, and a deeply connected love. Don't wait. Start today by selecting either the Norcross or the Milton location via the Register Now! button below.

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  • Lynne Smith
    I started learning the Faithful Family Life skills when my oldest child started High School. These skills reduced my stress and helped me to enjoy being a parent to teens.
    Lynne Smith
  • Will & Anna Hasty
    Relationships mature and change and they need attention! Through our work with the Faithful Family Life skills we were able to realize our hopes and dreams for our family.
    Will & Anna Hasty

According to the research of Dr. John Gottman, couples wait 6 years into a problem before they seek help. Don't wait to figure out what works for deeper connection and greater intimacy in your marriage. Start today and join us on the journey toward healthier relationships.

Do you expect the best from your spouse? Your children? Your parents? Or are you braced for the next harsh word? Join us and learn how to shift from a negative view to a positive one. Stop yelling and start connecting. Small changes can make a world of difference.