Growth implies change, and change can be scary. Growth can also allow us to become all that we are created to be. On most days that is definitely worth the risk.

To grow means that we are willing to let go of our desire to keep things the way they are. Growth requires that we acknowledge our fear and choose to be open to new insights, new habits, and new ideas anyway.

Sometimes a developmental crisis causes us to seek new understanding, like when your child turns 2 or starts middle school or when you find yourself in mid-life with a whole new set of questions. There are skills and resources that inform and support healthy growth through each developmental stage, from birth all the way through our wisdom years.

Your desire to grow may come from a normal developmental event, a more disruptive life event, or just because you like to learn new things. As you seek to further understand your life story, you may prefer a self-guided study1 so you can set your own pace for learning, individually or with others. Or maybe meeting as a small group with a designated leader is a better fit for your learning goals. Small Group Studies include a course outline and a facilitator guide to provide some structure to your conversations. And sometimes bringing in a facilitator for a workshop and a time of focused skill building makes the most sense to provide added support as you integrate new material into your day-to-day life.

No matter the format, a commitment to growth supports our journey to becoming all that we are created to be. And what a journey this can be!

1Gain access to published studies with a paid membership.

Skills and resources for every age and stage.

Life Cycle

Dig deeper alone or with others. Self-guided.


Form a small group and learn together.

Small Groups

Invite a facilitator for a time of focused skill building.