Learn How To:

  • Be Present to Your Child's Unique Journey into Adulthood
  • Be Focused and Pay Attention to Things that Matter to Your Child
  • Be Open, Listen, and Ask Curious Questions¬†
  • Be a Great Coach and Teach by Example
  • Be Oriented to God's Love Even in Difficult Situations
  • Embrace Growth and Change -- Yours!

Upcoming Workshops

  • Submit a request to schedule a workshop at your site and be the place in your community where parents learn skills that help them support and encourage their child to have the courage and confidence needed to thrive in the transition to college.


Schedule a workshop

  • Rev. Lynne Smith is available to facilitate a workshop at your site.
  • Cost is a $200 donation to the Education Ministry of North Georgia Family Counseling Centers.
  • The site is responsible for managing registration and making copies of the workshop materials.
  • The education space should provide for comfortable seating and ability to see/hear a video supported presentation.
Request a Workshop